Are you thinking of becoming a TEDx speaker? Are you postponing the opportunity or the decision for later? You are not alone. A lot of people believe that landing a TEDx talk is very difficult and time-consuming as well. They also worry about how they are going to craft the speech. They also want to know what makes a TEDx go viral. They probably want to go viral. You should actually talk for 18 minutes to hold your audience spellbound by appealing to their souls, hearts and also their heads. Whether you are telling stories or just delivering data, you should captivate and entertain your audience.

At the red dot stage, people are taught exactly how to do this. There are some reasons that will motivate you to start your own TEDx journey. I have written down some of these reasons, down below.

  1. If you have a winning TEDx talk, it will instantly position you as an authority and also an expert in the field that you are talking in.
  2. A well-scripted talk will also get you an online presence. If it is combined with a powerful medium of online video which allows you to share your message and also transmit your energy, it will help a plethora of customers and viewers.
  3. If you prove that you have high visibility and instant credibility, a successful TEDx talk is something like new PR that will help you get massive exposure and some loyal following. You should also attach an Instagram handle, so that they can follow you and reach out to you.
  4. For 18 minutes, you have to capture the audience. If you are successful, the whole world will love your brilliant idea as soon as it is uploaded onto YouTube.
  5. Most TEDx talks are irresistible. People will undoubtedly watch them on their breaks if they’re working, before they go to bed and if they want to get an inspiring idea, whenever they are free.

inspiring idea

  1. Being a TEDx speaker will allow you to connect with a lot of people and their deep-rooted needs for belonging, love, personal growth, change and also some hope in the future. You will be able to connect with millions of individuals, if your talk is good.
  2. TEDx talks have a noble purpose. They are talks that will help the global population, and it will affect their consciousness by presenting the ideas which otherwise might have stayed in the dark. You and your ideas can actually inspire a lot of people.
  3. A lot of people actually love the spirit of TED, which is actually to unite the world with insanely powerful ideas that will inspire millions and will instill happy ideas in thier minds.